Antigua And Barbuda
March 5, 2008 5:39pm CST
im hurting so badly im a teenage girl who fell in love once but i dont think i will eva again i had trust dis guy with my life i wld have even put my head on a blok an tell da world dat he love me but some things happen an i believe him when he said the words i love u he would make them sound so real an true my mum would tell me dat im jus a young girl with a young heart fallin in love with a guy who wants nothing but to use me i would say to her mum he loves me an then she told me dat i will c wat shes talkin bout my heart wazzzzzz broken my world was crush things happen so fast dat i didnt even kno wat hit me its like a movin car speedin on a wet smooth road racing towards me an i wont move an BAMMM!!!! it hit me dats how i feel i still lov dis guy even tho da circumstances but 4 me i dont kno if i will eva lov again
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@Alfie1970 (257)
5 Mar 08
Don't worry about this guy, it happens to us all. What I would suggest is you ditch the mobile/cell phone and attend English lessons at school! :)
6 Mar 08
Ok maybe I was being a tad harsh, I do understand i've been there more times than I care to remember but it will pass I promise, so keep your head up, and keep smiling :))
@myanime (434)
20 Mar 08
It's okay. Hurting is part of love,. And sometime feeling hurt complete our journey. Just don't stop when you get hurt,. Stand up and continue to love and be loved.
@diansinta (7549)
• Indonesia
7 Mar 08
love - love image
Dear girl, there is one lesson from my life that i would past it to you because it's help me a lot through the same situation like yours. I've been there before at the stats of the same feeling until one old man said to me after he watch me dreaming on the day light in sorrow because one man has hurt my feeling. He said; Such a waste, there is nothing more precious then our self. You should love your self more that you love somebody else in your live. Put your self upon everything else. Your mother is right. And she love you more that that guy. There's long way to go trough your live, and don't let any guy ruin your happynes. Don't make your mother worry on you too much. You will understand your mother when you born a child in the future. i hope you will be over this soon.
@jsharriz (436)
• Ukraine
7 Mar 08
well i am sry for wat happend..i knw how much it hurts.... join the club.. nyways jus get over sure u'll find sme1 u deserve in ur life for sure..
@ersmommy1 (12595)
• United States
5 Mar 08
Most 16 year old feel this way at least once. Given time you will feel better. It is true time heals all wounds. Very few of us fall in love only once and even fewer of us are with the person we fell in love with. At some point we find the right person for us. I was even engaged before meeting the person who is now my husband. And he is WONDERFUL.Please give yourself time. You may surprise yourself.