marriage crisis..

@jsharriz (436)
March 6, 2008 10:25am CST
we often see that a couple madly in love who seemed to be a ideal couple as lovers tend to quarells after thier marriage even sme of which ends up in divorce..why is dis difference in relationship before and after marriage?? what do you think brings about this difference??
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@aowaow (1516)
• Indonesia
23 Mar 08
Because the prophecy had been fulfilled.
@r1mp2ge (263)
• Ukraine
8 Mar 08
It all comes down to one word "TRUST".If that can be achieved before or after the marriage then a healthy relationship can be maintained.Any reason for Divorce will again lie in this word.
@queenofarms (1659)
• United States
6 Mar 08
I believe its once you get married you've gained new bills and a different way of living...They probably miss the freedom they had before marriage. You don't know what a person is like until you live with them...Its a big change..
@asgtswife04 (2480)
• United States
6 Mar 08
because once you get married you are with that person 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, except while working. it's not easy trying to readjust to living with this person and sharing the responsibility with them all of a sudden. it's easy when you both still have your own apartment and can go home and be by yourself, but after your married you don't have that option anymore. a lot of couples don't know how to deal with having to talk to someone else before they do something or do things together as a family. there are just a lot of things that have to be dealt with and talked through before you get married so that the both of you know what is expected and wanted in the marriage. that is another problem. people go into marriage assuming that the other one wants the same things without talking them out first and then after being married you find out something totally different. it all in how you want you marriage really. you make it what you want, you can't expect the other person to fulfill that for you. God bless