Do you cook with your kids?

@deedee30 (435)
March 6, 2008 11:58am CST
I try to but am a bit of a control freak, well al ot of one actually so get stressed when the kitchen is trashed but they are learning the basics and will make biscuits, buns and things like pasta. Do you cook with your kids what sort of things do you attempt with them, I think all kids should be taught how to cook as there are far too many teenagers out there that have no understanding of even the basics.
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@sherrir101 (3672)
• Malinta, Ohio
6 Mar 08
When my daughter was small (15 years ago), I always had her in the kitchen with me. She was always stiring something or helping me pick out a spice. By the time she was 7 years old she could set up to make a beef roast in the crock pot. She is now 20 years old and can cook 'almost' anythiing.
@deedee30 (435)
• Spain
6 Mar 08
Thats good, I can always remember cooking with my nan loads which is why I love doing it today.
@miller1978 (1102)
• United States
6 Mar 08
I love to cook certain things with my children, however there are other times when I could keep them out of my kitchen. One of the best things we can make together and is fun for all 4 of the older ones to do is they get to make the meatballs while I am doing the spaghetti and sauce. I also let my son do the garlic bread since the girls end up hogging over the meatballs. The latest thing I let them help me cook was the omelets. They would combine the ingredients in the bowl and stir it up, then I would cook it. My oldest too (boy 8 and girl 11) are the ones interested in learning and helping the most.
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