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March 7, 2008 2:27am CST
On time my cousin called me for an emergency assistance. Her wife has stomach cramps and need to rush in the hospital because it's time for her to deliver her baby. But things went wrong and something unpredictable happened. They don't have enough money at the moment and the hospital needs a deposit first before they assist the patient wow....... so they need to get out and find another hospital so to make the story short they went to a public or government hospital. We arrived but sad to say we rush her to the nearest government hospital the findings are the need to have blood transfusion right away because many blood were lost when we arrived to the nearest hospital the nurses were just sitting and rumouring to each other they did not pay attention immediately to the patients and the doctors were not around at the moment she is making rounds to some other patient. At last the nurse came and assist us we told her that the patient need a blood transfusion so the nurse told us that they don't have blood right away they need to make request to the blood bank and we have to wait. So no assurance we wait but the patient is crying and chilling so we get worried I got rush to the nurse station and tell them about it they did not pay attention and continue their business so I flared out of anger I did not control my self. I told the nurse can you please do your job it's your duty to save life and it's your duty to assist us in proper way you are being paid by our taxes so serve us properly if you cannot do your job and duties of being a public servant then you must not work here. After saying that to that lady we at once leave that hospital and we got to the nearest private hospital we lend them they money they need. They give all the necessary attention to they patient. When we saw they were alright we also leave them to rest. Way back home I still remember all that happened and it came to my thinking how about the poor one that doesn't have enough money to pay for their hospital expenses do they die like that. Why is that their are people have a job but they are lazy in doing their work if they think they cannot serve the people then step out and find the thing you really want to serve/do best. This is a matter of life and death so we must be serious in doing our part to bring happiness to everyone. Don't have a heart like a stone because we don't know when the time we also need others to help us. This is our duties and we swear into it so we do everything we can to fulfill our duties being a nurse and doctor is not easy we know it we rely our live to you so please do your duties honestly not all for money but because we want to serve the people who is in need of your service. How can we trust a public servant if we had a trauma that keep in our heart. From there on I did not enter any government hospital again because I did not trust my life to then I was praying that if there are times in my life that I don't have enough money to go in a private hospital that he will find a good heart doctor and nurses that will assist me and cure me in my illness. I was praying that someday I will have a child that want to be a doctor or nurse that will take care of me and my whole family. Someone that I trust my life to them. How about you do you have any bad experience in any government hospital or health center. You can share it to us...
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@Darkwing (21588)
7 Mar 08
I'm so glad to hear that everything turned out alright in the end. I'm sure the money wasn't an issue after the bad service you received at the public government hospital. Those nurses should be reported and reprimanded because they could have sent an emergency vehicle to collect the blood for the transfusion. They have sworn on the Hypocratic Oath, and they should abide by it. I would have them hauled up in court, if it were me. Brightest Blessings.
@fredgame (1261)
• China
7 Mar 08
Yes, it seems the government worker are never serious in some societies. i know with government institutions workers are paid not much considering their work merits compared to the private ones. in some cases some workers demand for bribes before paying attention to your needs. in fact it's very serious not saying they're good and human feeling ones among them. i know a government hospital doctor, he's called midnight for similar emergency and he never waste time getting there to see how he can save that life. when he wanted to go on retirement in fact the society pleaded to the government to sign him on contract so that he could help the young ones coming up to take up from him but if they'll really behave like him is the unanswered question to everyone. Government workers are really paid irrespective of their output and the vice versa of the public. when you happen to meet the good and human loving ones you'll say the world is full of love. i wish your cousin's wife speedy recovery and safe delivery. God be with them.
@nanayangel (7860)
• Philippines
7 Mar 08
Hi there! I'm sorry to hear about what happened and I hope that everything's okay now. I have seen hings like this happen a lot. It also hurts me to see some people who can be very insensitive. It also scares me to think about what will happen if ever my loved ones will be in that situation. I think that what you said to them is just right and I hope that somehow, it affects their way of thinking. But I believe in Karma and I think that everything happens for a reason. Who knows, you might have been able to touch their hearts with what you told them. I am hoping that that's what happened.