quality of good friend

March 7, 2008 4:01am CST
can u tell me that what is quality of good friend? thank u
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• United States
18 Mar 08
I feel a good friend would not be judgemental or critical of what you decide or don't decide to do. A good friend should always be there for you.
@rsk1965 (48)
8 Mar 08
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@xuejie (112)
• China
7 Mar 08
I don't know that. Sometimes I feel very happy that seems I have lots of friends. I go to school with them, go shoppong, KTV~~ I can do all the things with them. And when I was desponding I can say things out. But I also feel lonely, like today. I didn't want talk with any of them although I want talk. I don't know how to say, I don't know I can trust who. I just want a really good friend, a best friend that he/she also can trust me. I can help him/her if needed. But I don't know how to make a really friend now~~~ Good luck!
• India
7 Mar 08
good friendship is not measure with any quality it is from mind