Yesterday I signed my almost 4 year old up for PRE-K! And..

My daughter. - Showing her attitude.
United States
March 7, 2008 11:32am CST
I was just wondering when you signed your kids up how did it go? Were they good? Did they listen? Did they do what they were suppose to? My daughter lately has been having a really bad attitude. Shes been mouthy some. And I was afraid she would act this way in front of the adults/teachers there. And the first lady she did. I was so mad. The next few stages where they check your hearing and sight and stuff she did ok. But the last stage for speech she wouldnt sit still and do what she was suppose to. Of course by that time we were already there 3 hours and all the kids got very tired. She wasnt rude to this lady just the first one. But it just aggravates me. Has anyone else had these problems? I know a lot of the other kids werent perfect either but I wanted her to be the kid that everyone thought was cute or this or that not the brat LOL. And I hope they dont accept her because of it. Im just curious what everyone else has had to go through? And how their kids reacted when first being in a school enviroment.
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@tinkerick (1257)
• United States
7 Mar 08
You'll be surprised how different kids act for their parents and teachers. My daughters both get attitudes pretty quick at home, but at school everyone thinks they're little angels. It's been that way ever since Kindergarten. My son on the other hand is a polite little gentleman at home but the first two weeks at school he refused to do what he was told and didn't listen. Daddy got phoned by the teacher a couple times. He finally straightened out after a few talks and adjusted. He was a little tough in the beginning of this year too, but straightened out after a couple phone calls home. Although this year he reportedly punched another boy. They say he was the provoker, but no one really saw the whole thing so we don't know for sure.
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• Indonesia
12 Mar 08
Really was glad being discussed by us your article, at this time you had how many children, whether your child was naughty? The age how many he at this time?
• United States
8 Mar 08
My child is in pre-k right now. She is 4, will be 5 in June. She will go to kindegarten in August. She can be mouthy and not listen, but it seems that she listens to her teacher. Well, one of them anyway. She likes one teacher and not the other. But she will come home and tell me stuff like 'Miss Meyer says I have to try.' She said this when trying to button her pants. She can zip them, but doesn't get the snap. Sometimes she will just leave her pants undone. She likes school. She has a hard time with nap time. She doesn't take a nap at home. She didn't take a nap at home for over a year before pre-k. Well, they make her lay down for about an hour. You also have to do this in kindegarten. My daughter hates it. She used to get sad notes everday from it. So start practicing the nap thing now.
@lynnchua (3415)
• Singapore
8 Mar 08
I think kids act differently in school or at home. My daughter is bossy, nasty and like to talk back when she is at home but when she is in school she is such a sweet little girl that listens to the teacher. And I think for Pre-K the kids won't sit there for hours, they have all kind of activities, like singing ( they will stand up and dance or sing with actions) etc....
@shaggin (55158)
• United States
7 Mar 08
I am sure a lot of children would have a hard time sitting still for 3 hours. I always want my daughter to be the most well behaved child we are out in public. My daughter isnt bossy at all I can't stand when kids are like that. I am pretty strict about things like that. No being bossy, no name calling. I'm sure she will be better once she is away from you and in school. She will realize she has to listen to the teachers and I am sure her behavior will change completely. I always failed the hearing tests whenever I had to have them when I was in school. I still cant hear great but better then I used to now that I dont have fluid in my ears constantly! I really don't think there is anything they can do as far as telling you your child cant go to pre-k just because shes bossy. Its a public school so they really cant say much I don't think!
@CanadaGal (4304)
• Canada
7 Mar 08
I never had to go through anything like that when signing up any of my boys for school. All of the paper work was done without the need for the child(ren) to be present. The kids didn't factor in until it was time for them to go to school. Recently, our school started a great program for pre-schoolers. I believe it is 4 sessions in the year, but their purpose is to introduce the children who will be attending junior kindergarten the following September, to activities, teachers, and other kids. When the kids start Junior Kindergarten at our school, it is a gradual integration over a 2 weeks into the classroom. There is a time when the parent meets with the teacher one on one with the child present, and then the next time there is a smaller group of students (and parents are welcome), and then they have the entire class together (no parents). I can't see a school turning down a child because they were having a bad day during sign up. Unless it's a private school and they're really nitpicky... but that could just be me getting ideas from hollywood. lol.