Leonardo Da Vinci's controversy... Why and How?

March 7, 2008 6:02pm CST
I don't follow Leonardo Da Vinci's controversy regarding The Last Supper -- Mary Magdalena on Jesus's right. But people were talking around about it. Leonardo Da Vinci lived around 15th century. Thus, He would never have known the life of Mary Magdalena since Mary Magdalena lived during Jesus's era. In my opinion, this is non-sense that Mary Magdalena is being assumed as the wife of Jesus. Why are people so bothered? Why do people assume that Mary Magdalena is the wife of Jesus?
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@Aussies2007 (5339)
• Australia
8 Mar 08
Well... I saw the movie not long ago... and I did not get it either. Who cares if he had a wife or not? He was a human being like us... Why should he not have a wife? Did you want him to remain a virgin like his mother? Would that make him a better person? In the movie... Not only they say that he had a wife... but worse... he had children and descendants still alive today. Does that scare you?
• Canada
8 Mar 08
That movie is totally absurd. But anyway, I do understand that. It is only a movie, isn't it? Like mostly movies, They only want to give you a perfect fantasy imagination. People often need such funny thing after being bored with their daily activities. So, yeah...yeah... I do understand it. Why do I say that movie is absurd? First, how do they know about Jesus's life and Mary Magdalena? Of course, they have found it from Bible, right? Otherwise, they don't know anything about Jesus, Mary Magdalena, etc. Since Bible is saying that Jesus is God Himself, how can this movie assume differently (He was a human being like us). Secondly, since Jesus is considered as God in Bible, why should He have to marry a human being who is totally a different kind? I mean...can a dog marry with a cat? It is absurd, isn't it? Thirdly, since it is impossible that Jesus was married based on my explanation above, how could He have children and descendants? Fourthly, since Jesus could perform miracles in Bible, His children and descendants would have been able to do that. Remember: it must have a genetic transfer according to Science. In fact, we haven't seen such things from the whole population so far. Thus, it is absurd, isn't it?
@NeoComp (1320)
• United States
8 Mar 08
yeah I always knew the Da Vinci code was just a story. Just like many old and new books are just stories. They are the greatest stories ever told. But we must write new stories and new legends.. now.It is time for a new era for mankind.
• Canada
8 Mar 08
I do agree with you, NeoComp. We should have a better era for mankind. Hopefully, it is not going to become a worst era for mankind. I don't think writing a legend of Mary Magdalena as the wife of Jesus is going to create a better era for mankind.