The Fifth Station of the Cross

March 7, 2008 10:34pm CST
Veronica wipes the Face of Jesus - Let your face shine on us and we shall be save. Let me seek you face and feel your compasion and love. Lord you imprint your face on the towel of Veronica and she was not afraid to come near you. Imprint you face on my heart that I may know the pain of your passion. A beautiful face now bathe in blood and wounded by the cruelty of the soldiers. Behind this wounded face is one filled with kindness and love. I remember your face when you were still an infant so sweet and trusting. So refreshing and always giving me your smile and love. You allow me to kiss your cheek each time you forgive me my sins. How often you wanted to be reconciled with men? How often you give your cheek, to be the first to forgive even when we have not yet ask for forgiveness? How eager you want to have peace? Without your forgiveness we cannot have peace and our soul will dwell in misery without your love. Yes, you love us even when we were yet sinners, when we were yet unrepentant and not seeking your forgiveness. How great is your love? Draw me near to you and embrace you as Veronica draw near to you and seek your face.
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