Which class?

@urbandekay (18306)
March 8, 2008 2:57am CST
In Britain we have this odd notion of class, a construct not as evil as the Indian Caste system but deleterious nevertheless. So, I am interested to know if you feel people have a similar construct in your country and your thoughts on it and by what criteria is class determined. all the best urban
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@suspenseful (40312)
• Canada
14 Mar 08
In Canada, we have a similar system but it is more flexible in that you can be born into the working or lower class and can gradually raise up to the lower middle class and then to the middle middle class - that is when you hear the expression, "the first one in our family to go to university" and that results in the one who went to university being raised to the upper middle class while the others stay in the middle. Now it gets confusing because upper middle class contains doctors, lawyers, and computer experts, and business managers, but the middle class can also contain business owners, but they get there by not going to university. Therefore if you got to own a business by the sweat of your brow, you are considered a member of the middle class, but if you got there by going to university, you are now a member of the upper middle class.
@urbandekay (18306)
14 Mar 08
Sounds similar to here all the best urban
• India
13 Mar 08
I have heard of the class system in Britain. And I heard that it is on the basis of economic value a person generates. Is that true? Our Indian caste system is very debatable... if one goes to the village it is not unusual to hear people ask the caste one belongs to, and this caste system becomes very important when people try to find marriage partner. But I have also heard educated hindu argue that caste is not determined by birth, but by economic productivity of a person. But B R Ambedkar, the father of Indian constitution, has written a book underscoring that it is determined by birth. This Ambedkar was one of the most learned Indian scholars of his time yet he was not even fetched and brought tea to his table by the peon because he was born an 'untouchable'. Later he converted to Buddhism saying I did not choose to be born into this caste but I could choose to die being a non hindu. Today thousands of 'untouchables' convert to Buddhism to escape caste system.
@kwenge (2489)
• Kenya
10 Mar 08
Well, In my country there are only two classes: 1 the rich - where all politicians learned and iliterate fall, and other thieves including lawyers. 2: The poor - where straight people, students, pastors and the rest belong.
• United States
8 Mar 08
I think the only categories of class we have here are those that are defined by money, lower class or the poor, middle class-- considered average, upper class--well off. Of course there is the rich elite, these being the wealthiest of the wealthy, billionaires and such. Personally, I think this business of labling or defining people by class, wealth or other such things is nonsense. Underneath we are all the same. We all breath the same air, have the same basic needs and share the same earth. I think we spend to much time trying to categorize each other and not enough time learning to live with one another.