Spent 15 Years for One Single Kick

March 8, 2008 3:15am CST
I can't tell what a perfect father should be like, nor can I say my father is flawless. Like many other silent fathers, he seldom show his inner feelings. Although he never shout at me ot beat me, he seldom show his love to me as well. On my 20th birthday, he suddenly stood up during the dinner, holding a full cup of wine. Slowly he said, "Vivian, my dear daughter. I'm so happy to see that you have grown into a beautiful Miss. Happy birthday! But do you know, there is a thing that has been torturing your old father for 15 years." I was shocked. Looking into my eyes, clearly he said,"I'm sorry, my little potato, I shouldn't have kicked you that day. Maybe you can't understand, but I was so worried..." I skaned my memory furiously and that day flashed back. I stayed outside to play with my little comerades without sending my parents a notice in any form. Father was enxious to death, looking for me everywhere. He even went to the police station to see if his 5-year-old daughter lost her way and was sent there by someone. Thus when he saw me playing in the park, he lost his sense,rushing to me and kicking me at stomach. If he didn't mention it, I could never recall it at all. Though it hurt, I knew it was my fault from the very beginning, so I didn't hate him and forgot all about the kicking quickly. "Daddy, It was my fault and I love you." I saw his tears for the first time in my 20 years' life. I wanted to smile but my heart hurt. My god, my old dear daddy spent 15 years regreting for one single kick!
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