how to teach you son???

March 8, 2008 9:03am CST
I am a young mother of boy who is 4 years old. Before I go out to do a job. He is a good boy. Lovely and happily and listen to me and do as I told him. I begain to work when he is very young, and there are no one to take care of him. But I need a job to support my family. so I send him to the kindergarten. every day, I take him to kindergarten 7:00am and pick him back around 6:00PM. He is very good and begain to learn how to talk, and then how to go to the toilet himself. and then begain to learn 1,2,3.... I am so happy that when he show me his homework. even it is not so good. I know this is only the first step of his life. But when he is 3.5 years ago, I found he is not good anymore, he will cry loudly just in order to get something. and he begain to tell lies. and he begain to like eating all the day and don't want to do the homeworks. and he will refute when I blame god, I begain to feel my son is not lovely anymore. Pls let me know how to teach your son.
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