silva vs. henderson

@cydman (29)
March 8, 2008 9:06am CST
man that was a blast....silva beating dan henderson! for me as of the moment silva is unstoppable--as in no one in the world can defeat this dude in his weight class..with the mix of muay thai , intelligent fundamental skills and innovative moves..i mean who would? don't you think so?
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• Philippines
13 Mar 09
Silva showed technicality on his ground game in his fight with Dan Henderson. It showcased his acquired knowledge in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and his evolution from a pure striker (being an excellent Muay Thai practitioner in MMA) to a complete fighter. But we will see in his next fight if his ground game can match the ground game of his opponent as he will defend his title against one of the best BJJ practitioner in the middleweight division of UFC - Thales Leites.
@beh076 (10)
• United States
9 Jul 08
Silvia is good, he has a tough fight coming up. I think he is fighting a guy named Irvin that knocked out Houston Alexander. It is a step up in weight class. It has been rumored that he may fight George St pierre?
• United States
7 Jun 08
i was immensely surprised about how quick anderson was able to put away hendo in the second. silva is definately a striking beast but i think its been fairly evident that his weakness if any is probably on the ground. a BJJ beast would probably be the most likely person to take him out
@maliki2 (255)
• United States
4 May 08
Silva may be up there right now, but when your on the top it's always the hardest to stay up there. Eventually he will fall and someone else will take his place. There have been many before him and I'm sure there will be many after him.
18 Mar 08
lol you're right but i think he's gonna lose his title in his next event due to submission. that's just me though (: