what do you buy most?

March 8, 2008 9:19am CST
iwant to know what you spnd your money on most.for me i spend on food mainly because of my baby. what do you spend on most?
4 responses
@tunded (10)
• Nigeria
9 Mar 08
I spend my money most on three things. (1).My Education because is the best legacy, also education satificate has a long way to go because if get the satificate, it is my for ever. (2)business in order to get source of income. (3).giving the needy and investing into the thing of God, this is the most important of it all because when you investe into house of God you will never lose rather blessing will locate you abundantelly.
@bowtieguy (5917)
• United States
8 Mar 08
Besides groceries which I buy weekly, I also spend a lot on clothes, electronics like movies and cd's and other various household items.
@shymurl (2767)
• United States
8 Mar 08
With three kids, food is a big thing. Next to food it would have to be clothes. My kids are growing so fast and my son goes through shoes like crazy.
@martus (122)
• Philippines
8 Mar 08
We are the same, though the food that i bought is not for my baby, but for me only. Usually food takes about 50% of my daily income or allowance. No wonder im chubby right now.