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Russian Federation
March 8, 2008 5:55pm CST
write here what is your favorite car. my favorite car is BMW
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• India
13 May 08
My favourite car is Ferrari 360 Modena, red colour, Though i like other cars like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, VW Beetle, Lamborghini etc...
15 May 08
I have so many cars i like i cant choose my favourites are ferrari,porcshe,BMW,mercedes and aston martins.
• India
5 Jun 08
You can always say which is your fav car of all time. Any particular model of cars you have mentioned?
@Olonam (870)
• Philippines
15 May 08
I like so many cars! Here are some of the number one brands for me: LandRover, GMC, Ford, Chevy, BMW (like you), Audi, Ferrari, Dodge (is that how to spell it?), and a host of many others. But my best among all, would be the LandRover
• India
5 Jun 08
Amy particular model in Land Rover you are interested in. I like the LR Discovery 3. Its simple and elegant. What do you say?
@skydancer (2109)
• United States
15 Jun 08
I have lots of favorite kinds of cars. My most obvious favorites are German and English cars. Since I was brought up with a disassembled Lotus in our garage and watched my dad restore it over the course of my life, I am very partial to Lotuses Unfortunately no one here in the US seems to know what they are as they're so rare here. They're little English sports cars (lotuscars.com), and I hope to own one one day. It won't be in the foreseeable future though. I also like Aston Martins. Out of the German cars, Porsche's and BMW's are probably my favorites. I do like Ferrari's a lot and those and Mustangs are probably my only true favorites outside of the German and English car category. I am weird with my taste in Ferrari's though - instead of the traditional red, I would rather have a white one. I know it looks a little bland for some people, but for me, white has always been my favorite color for a car. If the paint were to fade or get a scratch on it, it doesn't show quite as much, plus the lighter color makes it cooler in the summer time. Plus for reasons I can't explain other than personal taste, white cars are by far the most aesthetically pleasing for me to look at for some reason.
@roger3611 (200)
• China
3 Jun 08
I love driving, though i have no car at all, but if i have a lot of money, i will buy three cars one is BMW auto, then NISSAN blue bird, then TOYOTA Prado.
@javaleira (372)
• Portugal
1 May 08
bmw are good cars. i would like to have a bmw 540d or a 760d, but i also like the mercedes s class and the slk 55 amg. cheaper cars i would like a smart roadster or a mercedes b class
@Alfie1970 (257)
28 Mar 08
Although I had a BMW 320i then an Audi convertable the best car I ever owed was a Porsche 911 carerra - what a motor! Last year I bought a Jaguar XJS but didnt keep it long, too much upkeep and expense!
• United States
9 Mar 08
My favorite car that is way way way out of my price range would be the Dodge Viper. It has been one of my favorite cars for years. I even named my dog Viper. As far as something I could possibly afford if I really really tried I have always like the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spider.