March 8, 2008 11:06pm CST
My brother and me share the same computer.....Last night we fought with each other for computer...Please tell me how can I compromise with him????I am just bored of fighting for computer....
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• Indonesia
9 Mar 08
l think if u open-handed with your brother just let him to finish his homework first, and then u can use ur computer. caused if in your relationship bad, u'll be fought always and everything is a mess. if u let's ur brother to finish his homework first, i think he'll be understand too, to let u finieh your homework too. make u and your brother to understand one each other ! i hope this usefull ! thinking it again before u fought...!
@mvpriyank (408)
• India
9 Mar 08
The bet way is that once u both sit together and not in a dairy which time who can use.Both of you share equal timings!!That's the best procedure!!! Have a nice day!!
@WC1989 (595)
• United States
9 Mar 08
Well for MY laptop, I get it pretty much all day. However I let my brother go on if I know he'll go to work or school in a few hours. If you have about the same schedule, you could work it around tv show schedules. If I know I'll have a show on in 30-60 minutes, I'll let him on.That means he gets about an hour and a half of computer time-but then he's gotta leave. The only exception would be academics. If he needs to be online for something academic, I of course let him. After all I have the computer at night so I can do my online research later.
@jayman32 (267)
• Australia
9 Mar 08
hello, draw up a roster & both of you agree to stick by it. flip a coin to see who goes first.