Hot or Ice cold coffee?

United States
March 9, 2008 1:53am CST
It's a personal preference that is when you drink coffee. Either there is a day that you want to drink cofee or you want hot or cold, it's all really up to the person who will drink the coffee. For me, i love vanilla ice coffee from McDonalds.
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@lkbooi (16100)
• Malaysia
27 Aug 08
Hi there, I prefer hot coffee. I feel I could enjoy the real original taste and the wonderful aroma of the coffee only when it is served hot. The coffee I love most is the local old town white coffee. It’s the famous local product from my neighbor town. My husband and my son and I would like to have a visit to the coffee shop which is famous of brewing this tasty beverage there during our leisure. We enjoy drinking the hot white coffee and having some delicious desserts like egg tarts, dumplings and steamed buns filled with meat there posting and have a wonderful day.
• India
5 May 09
Hiii All.. Iced Cool Coffee is always On for me. its a drink which keeps u refreshed and Upbeat.It has vibrant flavours to keep u Demanding as u can experiment it with ur favrouties. just Love ICed Coffee .
• China
9 Mar 08
I would like hot coffee in winter and icecold ones in summer.:)
• United States
9 Mar 08
winter or summer i like vanilla ice coffee.
@Rainegurl (2158)
• Philippines
7 May 09
I like hot coffee in the morning and when I am working. I like iced coffee or ice-blended coffee when I am hanging out at a coffee shop with friends, just relaxing I do not like coffee with whipped cream though. Take care!
@donna22 (1120)
26 Aug 08
I prefer iced coffee to hot. I can not drink my hot drinks very hot and have to wait for them to cool. I find iced coffee more refreshing and tasty especially on a warm day or after I have been shopping. I do like hot coffee now and again though but another eason why I do not drink it very often is I always have to have a biscuite with it. I love it when I dunk it in lol. You cant really do that with iced coffee. Well you can but it would not go nice and soft lol.
• United States
9 Mar 08
I prefer hot coffee most times. It's a nice warm feeling and really sets the day up for a relaxed but productive day. In the summer I will occasionally get an Iced Coffee from Burger King. I loathe McDonalds coffee. I think it is the worst tasting coffee I have ever had, but to each their own.