March 9, 2008 11:56am CST
hey.. what do you think about love??? Is it a real sweet experience to have a rocking life or is it a horrible thing to manage your life with your girlfriend????
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• Pakistan
9 May 08
the most wonderful experience...
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• India
12 Mar 08
love is a feeling which can't be expressed but felt........
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• Philippines
10 Mar 08
love is a big responsibility. it's not only love for a girlfriend/boyfriend that matters. every relationship consist love. it a sweet thing during the first day, it really inspires you. you got that butterflies in your stomach, and you feel like you're contented with everything. it turns horrible for me once you got hurt because theres a part of you that really hurting and it hurts so bad. Love is a big responsibility.
• Canada
14 May 08
Real love is a wonderful thing. If so called "love" is a painful horrible experience, then it is not true love, rather lust, that's gone all wrong. My usband and I are in love, and we coudln't be happier.