Can a Cat Be Allergic to a Flea Collar?

@JudithP (295)
March 9, 2008 1:42pm CST
I have two beautiful calico cats, one short hair and one long hair. The long haired cat is an outdoor cat but the other has never been outside. I was afraid the outdoor cat might bring home a few cooties to share so I bought flea collars for both of them. This was about three weeks ago. A couple of days ago I notice the indoor cat has a patch the size of a silver dollar under her chin, where she has scratched the fur right off. I cut the flea collar off immediately. It looks so sore and irritated. She keeps scratching at it and licking it. I've been washing it a couple of times a day with warm water but it doesn't seem to be doing any good. I just don't have the funds right now to take her to a vet. Does anyone have any suggestions or home remedies that I can use? I'm at my wits end. Will she clean it herself?
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@sedel1027 (17858)
• Cupertino, California
10 Mar 08
Yes, cats can be allergic to flea collars, or really anythign just like people. My mother in laws cats is allergic to flea collars, spot on treatments, and the dusting powder. They have to give him a liquid flea medicine to drink.
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