Your friend keeps texting your husband

March 10, 2008 5:28am CST
We moved areas 7 months ago whilst at our old place we would go for drinks with friends and friends would come to ours (our kids got on well). One night one girl came round on her own, we had couple of bottles and my hubby took her home(he doesn't drink). After dropping her off and coming back to me she text him saying sorry she should have invited him in for coffee, he said don't worry another time so she then text yes and we could watch a adult movie! We ignored it and moved, now 6/7 months on she is texting him asking for phone love, she was meant to be my friend . . obviously not. Last time she got her friend to text and I said just call her bluff but it didn't work and her friend said so quite explicit things and then asked if he would sleep with her and then the next text asked if he would sleep with our so called friend. I was so cross but couldn't think of anything clever to text her so we ignored it. I know he wouldn't go for her but to me it's the principle it isn't a joke she does really like him as she told someone who told me. I would never dream of hitting on a friends hubby whos kid was friends with my kid. I'm now waiting for the next text to come through, how can she think I don't know what she is doing, she used to text him at night when she was drunk but lately its in the daytime. What would you do? Would you ever do what she's doing?
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@ayou82 (3460)
• Philippines
10 Mar 08
In that case then tell your friend to refrain from texting your husband coz thats another form of flirting or maybe im too much but you cannot predict anything they might end up having conversations behind your back or worst of all they might meet each other without you knowing.. or maybe a slip of the tongue.. something that you are hiding from your hubby.
@fredgame (1261)
• China
10 Mar 08
If i were you, i'll ask my hubby to let her know 'he isn't interested in her and she can find her colleague who might have similar interest in such things. she might be ashame of what she's been doing and may stop. i think because you keep mute she may think you're not aware of what's she's up to. you could also text her and politely tell her why not find a man who is single and start such things with him? she may feel it.