how to avoid wet armpit ??

@unuzzz (1274)
March 10, 2008 6:15am CST
what makes armpits get sweating so much ?? this has never been a serious issue for me but recently i realize that this is something i must aware LoL i'm not a hyperactive person, so i seldom get sweating but even so, i found out that my armpits sweat a lot sometimes and it always happened when i wear bright colors clothes it's very embarrassing and also hindered my activities i'm not confident to point something or to lift my arms (-- ;) what should i do to overcome that ?? please suggest me something, thanks a lot .. !! ^^
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@marieCAU (61)
• United States
3 Jul 08
I am like that too. I used to sweat like crazy. Short walks outside and even laying around the house would prompt me to change shirts. I did some research and I found this product that sells in department stores and places like rite-aid or walgreens. Its called Certain Dri. It is an antipers deordant that you apply to clean dry skin right befor you go to sleep. It is supposed to keep you dry for up to 72 hrs. It usually takes a couple of days to kick in, it took me about 5, and then I noticed that I wasn't sweating at all anymore for two days at a time. I'd be so dry that I'd forget to put on deordant before I walk out the house. You still want to use deordant, because this product only stops you from sweating, but it doesn't stop the smell. I believe the product has a website and you can do some research for yourself.
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28 Jun 08
use deorderant Gateway78
@gops121 (53)
10 Mar 08
hey .. i would suggest you only one thing and that is to wear more of cotton tops... shirts , tshirts .. no amount of roll ons , deos can stop the same ... if you are not very active and still you get the sweat then try a good deo and cotton shirt and see the diference.. :)
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10 Mar 08
The only way to avoid wet armpits is to wear deodarant and anti-persperant. The anti-persperant will stop the sweating and the deodarant stop the smell.