What site that pay you the higherst?

@yellows (245)
March 10, 2008 7:17am CST
I wonder what is the famouse site that pay members on internet. Im not talking about high risk site like forex. Many members joined many legit PTC, which is the best for you ? For me , so far the higherst earning I got from bux.to. Even without referral, my earning in this site is still ok, with many referral my earning are multiply. What about you? What site that pay you much ?
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@pokesam94 (131)
• Australia
11 Mar 08
i thing aw surveys pays well. they pay like $4 per survey but $6 for the first. the surveys are just 2 website evaluations and they take like 5 min when ur used to them. $75 payout but you will reach it quickly. link in my blog on profile along with a cool game on my blog too :P
• India
11 Mar 08
i dont think this survey site is the best as you do not get surveys after completing your first 5 or six surveys they are very bad at customer care most of my tickets were resolved without telling me the solution or the problem that i put across them . they suck big time sorry to say but i have to thank you!
@julyteen (13257)
• Davao, Philippines
11 Mar 08
i don't know if bux.to is legitimate because they are one of the site posted on boycott. they sell fake referral. i am requesting my payout last month but until now i am still longing my payout...i don't know what the reason why they pay more than a month...one month is allowable but 2 month is too much...i earn more than the amount on my payout, how can i request another payout, my first request still not paid...
@lingli_78 (12836)
• Australia
10 Mar 08
for me, the highest online paying site so far will be mylot... bux.to is also great except that they are taking forever to pay their members... i request my payment since december last year and i haven't receive my payment yet until now... it keeps on saying pending and still in audit... mylot is great... they pay the members very fast and also the amount is not too bad...
@beyonce03 (2331)
• Canada
10 Mar 08
One of my favorite program is a pair of. You don't make as much as bux.to but even without referal you can reach 2-3 times the minimum payout of 1$ every month. You don't have to wait 2 month like bux.to to get paid. The longuest I have wait is 1 week lol I prefer to be in more small payout program and to be sure to be paid fast.
@bayness0 (281)
10 Mar 08
Bux.to is pretty good apart from the slow pay-out. Look at my homepage and go to my website and you can see how much I have made on a whole lot of sites. New suckes seems pretty good as does IsabelMarco. Let me know if you are interested in a referral exchange.
@flowie (134)
• South Africa
10 Mar 08
i have no idea,but do get a lot of inspiration from your question.