education, rolling education

March 10, 2008 7:53am CST
Hai, Of late I observe that too much stress is being laid for Board exams both sslc and higher secondary. While the state government on one side, particularly the education minister keeps on giving press release that they intend to have a common syllabus for SSLC exams abolishing matriculation syllabus and anglo-indian syllabur. But the private school management is not opting for the same and they stick to their syllabus. Now the decision is that matriculation schools can continue their syllabus, but the final marks 1100 or 1200 will be rounded to 500 by the Government. Is it o.k. A student who gets 90 in Maths, Paper I, and unfortunately get 40 in Paper-II will get the aggregate mark of only 65 in maths when it is rounded up for 500 marks. If it is only one paper, there is every possibility that he can secure 90. The Government's decision to rounded off the matric sslc marks to 500 will adversely affect the carrer of the matriculation students. Government is not keen on its decisions. I you want to abolish matriculation system of SSLC do it immediately or otherwise allow the current things to continue as usual. Chaos decisions will upset the students mental strength. Don't take education in your hands for election cup.
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