The pirate ship

United States
March 10, 2008 8:34am CST
The ship looks and feels so natural it is almost deniable that it is not a digital ship even the ocean. All are special effect digital images is not that wonderful. Does anyone want to say what they thing about this movie. what's the key that makes you like and dislike it? I do like the ship the design very much and the arts of film making is shown on that ship. I like captain jack sparrows make up. it is so funny so creative. I think it is very great.
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10 Mar 08
If you like digital pirate ships then try out the web site for's new film "The pirates who dont do anything". Youb should be able to find it with a decent search engine as I'm unsure about posting links here and what exactly are the rules about it.
• United States
11 Mar 08
Read through the FAQ and seee what you can find. Oh! I am carried away by the digital effect and level of technology in the pirates. They won awards upon awards for special effect. The guys did a great job.