Laughter is one of the best medicine available on earth.

March 10, 2008 11:32am CST
How can laughter helps us in our daily lives? Do you know anyone in your leaving place or anyone who laughs all the time & enjoying his life.
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• Philippines
10 Mar 08
Laughter is the best medicine... yeah, cause it relieves stress.. helps u when your depress.... forget sadness.. haha of course you are happy... take care!
• India
10 Mar 08
Hi there Pinay Princess do you know someone or anyone who never laughs at all? If yes do you enjoy being around that person?Why?
• Romania
11 Jun 08
Yup, I think laughter is a very good medicine, but not when you have a stomach ache cause then it hurts more. . But yes, a laugh does do a lot.
@bbsr13 (4197)
• India
10 Mar 08
Hello,mastermind! Laughter is a revitalising tonicthat hightens and brightens our mood,gently relieving us of tensions.benefits of laughter are many.(1)muscle relaxation:-a belly laugh results in muscle relaxation.(2)reduction of pains :-humour allows a person to forget about pains such as aches and arthritis.(3)laughter reduces stress hormones :- laughter reduces hormons associated with stress hormone.(4) laughter enhances the immune system :- all our negative emotions like anxiety,depression,or anger weakens the immune systemof the body thereby reducing its fighting capacity against infections.laughter helps to increase count of the natural killer Limphocytis and also raise the anti- body it is rightly said Laughter ius One of the Best Medicines of the world.laugh away the troubles than only life will be easy to live.thank you.