How do you ever get over someone?

March 10, 2008 12:03pm CST
I think everyone here on MyLot has had a realtionship or is in a relationship. I had one guy which i loved the most.He was pretty and sweet and i could be myself. We never worked out and he was like a brother to the family in the end. Though looking at his eyes when he came over made me fall in love with him over and over again. I could accept the fact we would never be together.I mean it was okey to me because we were good friends and i loved him too as a friend. But i always thought how it would be if we would be a couple.And i still think that way. Anyways i was broken and still am when we heard he passed away last summer.Just 23 years old. I don't think i ever get over him and deep inside my heart i will always love him. This does stop me from looking for a guy to spend the rest of my life with. I want to move on and i think i can in the end,but at the moment i only can think of him and don't feel like a relationship. People always ask me how my love life is i always have to say there's nothing. So how do you deal with getting over someone?
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@schummi (925)
• India
10 Mar 08
well...thats a tough thing to do and i think the requirement for you is to just keep away from the thoughts like dat....the best thing is keep yourself busy...and i know dear time is the best will wash away everything and good times will come
• Netherlands
10 Mar 08
Thanks.I do keep trying to keep focus myself on the future and do a lot of things. It does help.In the beginning i thought i would never get over it,but i do have hope for the future. Thank you.
10 Mar 08
My dear eyewitness This is sad to know the guy is no more but its a part of life, we have to face life as it comes, i do appreciate the love you had for him but at the same time now that he is no more you have to keep going, pray for his soul, & just thik he is happy some where in the earth (with God) this will keep you a bit worry less, or just think he is gone abroad & you will meet him some day, you will surely find some one who will love you more, & be good to you more than what you would have axpected God bless
@chiyosan (30217)
• Philippines
10 Mar 08
it is not easy to forget someone you love and hope to be with in the future... but it is good that you are still in good terms with him.. though that can hold you back as you may still feel there might be a chance for you to be together again... as for this time.. it would be best for you to think that there will be no you and him again and that you have to find a life without him in it and make it grow. i can understand how you feel about him still going over your place and all... but having the right mind to begin with with help you bit by bit.