dishwasher yea or neigh

March 10, 2008 1:11pm CST
I personally, love doing the dishes the old fashioned way. Even when I go over to my son's place or one of my other family members that own dishwashers, I always do it my hand. It has somethings to do with, growing up, when ever we went over to a family, friend's or grandparents house, it was our job to clean up afterwards. I had my granddaughter over this weekend. I cleaned up before she came over to my house. I always open up the curtains to look out, as I am doing up the dishes. Across the street from my house is a row of trees, that Eagles, Ravens, Crows and various other birds hang out. For each dish I wash out there is a memory in that dish. As I am preparing food, this one dish I will use over and over, but each time I am using or washing up that dish, my granddaughter will come up to me and ask questions on life or just anything, so I will always remember that question that she was asking and remember holding onto a dish or pot or pan during that time. Also I love it when my granddaughter wants to help with the dishes. We can talk about anything, who cares how wet the floor gets, it's just water. Prehaps you are like me, and have a T.V. in the kitchen, even if you are not watching the TV, you can associate a program on the TV with also doing up dishes at an especially memorable event or situation that happened that night. Or some of us like the radio on or your favorite CD, that will also help to give a flashback to you when you are washing up or drying out a favorite cub or plate. You know what I mean. So do you wash dishes the old fashioned way or just shove them into the dishwasher. And wash away beautiful memmories.
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10 Mar 08
Personally Id rather do them the old fashion way. Dishwashes for me just never seem to work right. They wouldnt come out clean. Besides the fact you have to practically clean them before putting them in there so why not just clean them and get it over with. Plus my daughters father thinks they use to much electric and hot water so he wont have one anyways.