Can BEES kill??

March 10, 2008 3:13pm CST
wel if u ask me as everyone i wud say a no. but there has some been some recent happenings in my city which has caused even the doctors to change their opinion.. according to figures 2 persons and a dog have died due to attack by bees. one of the reason could be that the number of bees was really large. wel the doctors say its the person's sensitivity that can be the reason of that really the case??
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@bcote212 (1112)
• United States
7 Apr 08
I am not sure where you are located, but here in the USA in certain parts of the country there are killer bees. Usually when a bee stings you they die, and of course cannot sting you again. with a killer bee they are able to sting repeatedly, and many people and animals have been killed by these bees.
@nova1945 (1614)
• United States
11 Mar 08
I don't know what city/country you are in, but there is still some warning about the africanized bees (killer bees) that are still moving about the globe. Could it have something to do with those bees?
• United States
10 Mar 08
Yes, bees can kill. If a person has a bad allergy to the bee venom then a sting can kill them.