where do you go/what do you study? Any med sudents out there?

United States
March 12, 2008 3:41am CST
Just wanted to get to know some of the other students out there. I'm a senior at UCSD (university of california san diego) graduating this June, and starting medical school in August!! I so nervous so it'd be great to hear some other peoples' med school experiences...I've heard some pretty scary things! Anyone's grad school experiences are welcome, I'd love to hear about it!
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@RangaF (81)
• Sri Lanka
14 Mar 08
Both my Sisters are med students but in Sri Lanka..... I dont know whether this will help you... First they say the amount of studies ( work load) is very high and they cannot cope up with that.... If you are a person who can meomorise and understand the thing at the first time, you wont have this problem......... Other thing is it a bit difficult to get use to practicals especially for te disection ( cuting and chopping of the bodies)....
• United States
12 Mar 08
I am not in school yet but I am going to go to school for business management in the fall. I will take online classes since I work full time. I am looking forward to it!
• Singapore
12 Mar 08
i'm also a student, now i study english, after that i'm going to study business, and i also have heard some pretty scary things about my future study, and i also nervous it, but what can i do? just study and waitting the challenge.
@julyteen (13257)
• Davao, Philippines
12 Mar 08
if your interest would be to become a doctor someday so you won't bother about the scary story you been heard...at first you will feel like that but later on you will cope up that feelings...i am not a medical student but planning to take up soon if time permits me to do so...i presently taking a business course now after i graduated my metallurgical engineering...i want to go medicine if i have time to go school.