computer geniuses???

@sconibear (8010)
United States
March 12, 2008 10:40am CST
well i just spent hours figuring out what virus my computer was infected with and how to get rid of it. by the way, it was "malwarrior" which was supposed to be an antivirus program but turned out to actually be a pain in the butt virus. so these people learn how to write computer programs...they could make the next cool game, or software, or new type of website. but they sit around in there dark little basements and see who can come up with the worst possible scenario to wreak havoc on somebody's computer. this is electronic terrorism at it's worst, and that's my 2 cents. any coments?
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@vicky30 (4772)
• India
12 Mar 08
Yes its true,people who have sick minds make destructive softwares to destroy others computer.Have you removed the virus from your could use the free version of avira antivir virus.
@sconibear (8010)
• United States
12 Mar 08
yeah, i got rid of it, i ran windows defender and it found it. i have AVG running all the time, but it got past that. my AVG updates practicaly everyday, so that tells you how many new viruses are out there.
@Asylum (48053)
• Manchester, England
12 Mar 08
I agree that the logical conclusion is that people creating a computer virus must be simply trying to prove that they can beat the antivirus programs. It has always seemed totally absurd to me that anyone would wish to create such a thing, but sadly it is all too common. You would expect that someone with sufficient computer knowledge to create a virus would have more respect for computers.