Life as a student..

March 12, 2008 10:43am CST
Life as a student isn't easy. Full of projects,activities,homeworks,and quizzes. But,life in school is not always studying and working. Without your friends you can't enjoy your life in school.Your classmates and most especially your inspiration. It's not complete without them.Right? All of us had experienced this.Having friends,classmates and especially having an inspiration.Without them life is boring. Can you imagine studying all alone.To be a student all alone? Isn't it easy to give up studying? Life as a students has many sufferings. We must suffer in order for us to succeed. To fail is the starting line of passing. Everyone of us had experienced failures in our lives. So let's face the truth.To be a student to let our future brighten.And to be a student for us to reach our goals. :D
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• India
12 Mar 08
But it is must...I just now completed my12th exam...But i am bored of end of exam...I want those exams to start again...
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@lishiwei (1551)
• China
12 Mar 08
Yes,I agree with you.Life as a student is really not easy.I feel very tired of these days class,but I can't give up.Because I want to have a brighten future.I believe that the harder you sueffing now the better you future will.
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@merchil (47)
• Philippines
14 Mar 08
i agree being a student is not just easy,we have to study hard just to reach our own goals. a lot of things to be consider and a lot of difficulties we have encounter. but we have to struggle hard just to pursue our own dreams. thats the life of a student.