The Microwave (or Commercial) Theory to Motivation

@vivasuzi (4127)
United States
March 12, 2008 12:08pm CST
I once read something about how a lot of times we put off simple simple chores b/c we are overcomplicating it in our head. Like if I have a few dishes to wash after dinner, I feel like it's just gonna take too long and I don't want to do it. Well this article I read was trying to point out how quickly things can get done! As an example, they said to put dinner in the microwave, then while it microwaved, try to get as much done as you can. I did that and after 5 minutes of microwaving dinner, I had easily cleaned the dishes, cleared the dishwasher and a few other things! I realized I could do all that in only 5 minutes. So now I try to use the Microwave or Commercial Theory to motivation every day. I don't fast forward through commercials even if I taped a show. Instead, I take the commercial break as a "chore break". I run around the house and get a few things done. I find that by the time the show is over, I don't feel as lazy anymore. Instead I feel like I accomplished something. Do you think this trick would work for you? How much can you really get done in just a few minutes at a time? Or would you rather just watch the whole show, and then do chores? Any other methods of motivation you use?
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