Do you *really* like your Mother-In-Law?

United States
March 13, 2008 2:04am CST
So I just got back from helping my Mother-In-Law (MIL) after she had shoulder surgery. I REALLY feel lucky that I like my MIL so much! She's like a 2nd mom to me, and Iprobably talk to her more than my husband does now (and we've only been married 1.5 years!) On the other hand, I have a terrible time with my step-mother-in-law. She tends to drink too much, then yells at me (and everyone) for something she perceives us doing wrong. So, do you like your MIL(s)? Even when no one else is around, do you think about her with affection? Why? Or does it make you cringe anytime you hear her name? Do you think there's anyway to effectively deal with a difficult MIL?
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