Did you ever drop something down your cast?

@Modestah (11188)
United States
March 13, 2008 6:14am CST
Have you ever had a cast on? What part of your body? how far did it extend? Did it itch? how did you relieve that itch? Did you ever lose a scratching tool in the cast? When I was little I had a plaster cast from my fingers to my shoulder - the arm was bent position. It itched often since we lived in the hot panama canal zone - when it came off 8 weeks later I was so relieved to be able to scratch my arm... I now have a fiberglass cast on - there is a sock lining that cast. it goes from my toes to my knee and is flexed downward so the toes are down and the heel is up several inches from the floor. It itches. I find that a paint stiring stick reaches down the top very well and close to the skin and provides great scratching relief. A few minutes ago, though, I grabbed a pencil off my desk to scratch inside my cast - and I almost lost the dern thing in there!!! have you ever dropped your scratching device down your cast???did you have to get the cast cut off and replaced? The one area I can not get to to relieve an itch is from the toes inward - especially on the ankle! augh. the cast has loosened up a little since the swelling has gone down - and I can rotate it a little bit and move it slightly up and down as well - this gives a little satisfaction, but not enough!
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