Why am I afraid to love you?

March 14, 2008 4:03am CST
We all have heard the stories... girl loves guy/boy loves girl but neither wants to make the moves. Why? What do you are the reasons why people do not make the move? Here are a few reasons: - Because you're my sister's boyfriend... - Because I've been hurt before and I don't want it to happen again... - Because my best friend is in love with you, too... Please answer this post by answering the question: Why am I afraid to love you?
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@Jemina (5773)
1 Apr 08
When I was younger I always thought that the first man I will love will be the one I will marry. I stayed single for a long time trying to find Mr. Right. I thought I had found him. It was not easy to give my heart to him. But after four years of getting to know each other I decided that it's him I was looking for. Then I slowly opened my heart to him. Unfortunately, after a year he told me that our relationship was not going to work. He waited for me to fall for him and then tell me that it's not gonna work! I was devastated. I thought I couldn't love anyone anymore. I became afraid to love again. Some men came but I was too afraid to fall in love again. I felt that I was emotionally exhausted and cannot afford to love again. Eventually, out of nowhere, up popped Mr. Right. He taught me how to grow out of my past failure. I think when we get hurt we develop an amunition to attack the same thing that might hurt us again.
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• Philippines
14 Mar 08
hmm.. possible reasons are: -because they're afraid that the other don't feel the same way, that made them not to risk what they feel 'cause they might end up being hurt -because the other one is inlove with someone and is waiting for that someone to make the first move -because you're bestfriends, afraid to face the fact that if one day the other is gone, the friendship also ends there -because he or she is known to be a player -or maybe because he or she don't match your qualifications, so you're waiting for someone better well, that's all i can think of..Ü
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