March 14, 2008 4:04am CST
Do you have a child who thumbsucked. I do have, in fact three of my nieces thumbsuck from the time they learned to thumbsuck up to would you believe, up to their high school years. My daughter who was already 16 years of age and to graduate from high school still thumbsuck. Based on readings and information gathered it is a sign of a person insecurity. Maybe it is true, I am noticing it as my daughter seems to think of so many things even if she should not. Weve been trying to stop her but to no avail. But to my surprised one time while we were having dinner in one of the restaurant here, in front of our table my daughter give me signal to look for a young adult, maybe 18 or more right there and there thumbsucking with his family and friends. What, I told my daughter, as if saying to me why would you stop me when in fact a boy older than she is is also doing his thing. I just said amen.
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