why the hell is my PC so slow?

March 14, 2008 11:51am CST
I am using Windows XP Professional, 2.4 Ghz, 80 GB, 510 MB RAM. I want to know why every service running on my computer uses so much of memory? is there anything I should do to reduce the consumed size? as t makes my PC so slow.
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14 Mar 08
download the software pcbooster it really helps in fixing problem ,even i have 512 MB RAM and my pc is running fine.
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14 Mar 08
can you give me the link to that software?
@nokia6233 (937)
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27 Mar 08
hey you have exactly the same hardware as i have... to increase your system speed try removing unneeded softwares and temporry files...clean up the registrry and defragment the hard drive.. if you still have speed issues,disable unneeded services and buy more RAM for your sytem..
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29 Mar 08
thanks for the help guys :) I got the root cause of the problem it was my processor's fan's coolant (the BIG thing below the fan which has lots of curves). there was a LOT of dust in it and it was not giving the amount needed of cool air. I cleaned it with my "CARPET" brush :D and now it's as smooth as a HOT knife on a slice of butter :) sometimes something irrelevant to the problem helps when you don't even have a idea that it'll be a help :D
15 Mar 08
i suggest you save up ur money too buy some new ram. you can buy them up to 8GB which is 16 times what you have now. It is worth the buy.