Experiences related to John Denver/his music

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March 14, 2008 12:31pm CST
Hi, I'm collecting stories about experiences people had around the time or after John Denver crossed over. I already have hundreds of stories not just from fans, but many came from people who had forgotten all about him but who felt an urge to listen to his music again in/after 1997. I wonder if there are more people who had/have spiritual experiences, dreams, coincidences (which are really synchronicties), etc.. Please, only serious responses -- I want those who actually had these experiences feel encouraged to share them, and to see that they're not alone (and maybe think they made it all up). THANKS!
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1 Dec 08
I have always felt this incredible bond to John, as well. About two years ago I initiated a Myspace Tribute page for him, and it has overwhelmed me to hear from so many people on that website who had stories about how they met him and even some tales on how he saved their lives with his music. John is an angel and he has always been one to me in such a powerful way. His spirit works very hard to this very day and always will :) Peace, Rebecca