Teaching Someone to Drive Who has Autism

Stuart - This is a picture of my son Stuart with his voice teacher and my daughter Amanda. This was made about a year ago. Stuart just turned 15 in January and hasn't done much about learning to drive. We are hoping to get some advice regarding this. Thanks!!
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March 14, 2008 3:07pm CST
This is a subject that is dear to my heart because my son Stuart has autism. It is a mild case but it is there nonetheless. One of the things are concerned about is Stuart learning to drive. He turned 15 in January and still doesn't have his learner's permit. He is very nervous about the thought of driving. A week ago he and my husband went on their favorite past time together train hunting LOL. While they were out waiting for one my husband let Stuart sit under the steering wheel and was just pointing out some things to him to help him learn the basics of a car. He said that Stuart did excellent about each of these things. We are worried though about how he would do if he were actually on the road and in a situation where he would have to make a fast judgment call. Have any of you had any experience with this and if so can you give us any advice? I will gladly listen to all advice. My husband has been looking on the internet trying to find some information but hasn't had a lot of luck. Thanks so much!!!SheliaLee
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14 Mar 08
Why push the kid to learn to drive if he's not ready? That's the part of this that I don't get...Autism or not (and I'm a parent of a child with Autism, just so we're clear). You stated that he is "very nervous about the thought of driving." That means he's not ready so don't push him. Most parents would be thrilled to NOT have to deal with that so early. I personally think that 15 is way too young anyway. I'd like to see my son hold off until he's at least 18 but I won't stop him if he wants to learn sooner.