HIV/AIDS, Will there ever be a cure?

@wsamboer (186)
South Africa
March 14, 2008 3:48pm CST
I was listening to a sermon on the reasoning of expert opinions relating to HIV/AIDS. The question that was raised, was, "will there ever be a cure for HIV/AIDS?" In the opinion of some religious and medical experts the difference of opinion is as wide apart as east is from west. Medical science have all the hope that a cure for this pendemic will be found. On the ather hand many, religious/spiritual leaders across the religious spectrum hold the contention that there is no cure, other than prevention;(prevention is better than cure) I am of the opinion that education at grass-roots level, from grade:1, upwards, is the best place to start of; if we want to diminish this epidemic, now a pendemic, in our society, worldwide. The greatest tradgidy, is that the poorest countries on the planet, (continent of Africa) are the hardest hit. The statisticts on the African continent alone are mind boggling. If one out of every five adults are dying from AIDS in Southern Africa alone, besides children born from HIV/AIDS positive mothers, we we are in very, very deep waters. It has an alarming effect on our financial resources, and on our economy. Can you imagine the amount of orphans already in the system, dependent on Welfare? Many are being taken care of by their grand-parents, whilst orphaniges are filled to capacity. All these babies have a shortend lifespan, and die whilst still children. I hope for the sake of humanity, that a cure will be found, soon. That somewhere in this sick old world, a Saviour will be found, who in turn will develop a cure soon.
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