art of living....

March 15, 2008 11:06am CST
Are you acquainted with the Sudarshan kriya a breathing and healing process.Art of living is a NGO which help the people to know some better breathing process. Whenever you get angry you might have observed that the rhythm of your breath change of when you get anxious or fell frustrated the also you rhythm of breath change. And in this course people are taught to change their breathing rhythm so that they are not affected by such depressions or frustrations. The basic course of art o living teaches a lot of thing and if you can implement on those things then i can say you 'll change the way of your living. They also teach something like doing for other and many more things along with fun in-total. I am just unable to express my self and i think you can understand these things if you do the course if you have done then you must be knowing this. I just find their procedure as one of the most wonderful thing i have ever seen.
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