i wanna make lots of friends....

@Poneet (40)
March 15, 2008 11:54am CST
i want my friends everywere........u knw party friends , sports , music , dancing friends......... in all fields.....bt nt like "hi buddy bye buddy"........gud friends forever friends..........so do i hav 2 say anythng else....beiieve me am vry gud..lolz
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• India
15 Mar 08
Hey freind i will be you freind i am adding you sa a freind to my profile we can share our thoughts because mylot.com shows discussion which freind started. I would like to advice you as freind to make best freind forever then you have to be loyal to your freind. to become best freind show them that you will always be loyal to them and listen to freind because nobody like a freind who keeps on talking so try to understand and listen carefully. Be a trustworthy when your freind say any secret information don't leak it or don't let them to know about lie and main think always care for your freind for example send him best freind greetings or let them know how you care about him by calling or messaging so hope you will find more freind then before i mean best freind.
@Poneet (40)
16 Mar 08
dat was cool..........wats yr name buddy....