Did you like the movie Ratatouille...??

@ArienKing (4647)
March 15, 2008 1:40pm CST
I simply loved it. What a concept of the movie...a mouse that can cook. I must appreciate the work of story and screenplay writer to give such a nice movie...if anyone hasn't seen it yet...then he/she must do...
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• United States
15 Mar 08
It's weird that I found this discussion because I just received Ratatouille from the library but I still haven't seen it. I'll probably see it later on tonight or maybe tommorow because i have too much stuff to do. But I heard that it was a really good movie and since you just said it is then I'll take your word for it.
@ArienKing (4647)
• India
15 Mar 08
hi, thanks for replying..well sure u can count on me. trust me, its a very good movie with fun, comedy, emotions and style..
@sanddo (111)
• Bulgaria
12 Dec 11
Yes, I like this movie. When I watch them I was with my cousin. Ratatouille is one animated movie who I like! Remmy is a small mouse, who is the central role in this movie. This mouse is cooker in a restaurant. He helps them to cook. The movie is so interesting! I like to watch them! :)
@dodo19 (39198)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
1 Feb 09
Yes, I have seen this movie. And I really enjoyed it. It's a fun movie to watch. It's a good movie for the family to watch together. I really think that it has a great story to it.
22 Mar 08
I think it's a really great cartoon i thought it was hilarous when he first discovered he could control him by pulling his hair hilarous and i can see myself watching this film numberous times in the future
@bochco123 (597)
• United States
15 Mar 08
What a wonderful, joyous movie. Probably the most purely entertaining movie I saw in all of 2007. Another smart, funny sweet family movie from Pixar. Can't wait for their new movie "Wall-E" later this year. Great stuff.