Please enjoy your life,not just for yourself

March 16, 2008 12:43am CST
Time flies!I have already entered the college,meanwhile I find I am 20 years old .If I can live for 80,that means I have passed 1/4 of my life without getting any success. Every time I think this,the sad feeling fills my heart.I don't want to grow up because I will have to solve many boring problems. However,my mum is happy to see myt growing,she always say:I'm so glod to see you have grew up.When I ask why,she is unable to answer me. I don't understand my mum's mind,but now I know,everyone living in the world is not alone.Your father,mum,sisters will be watching your road of live since you born. Be happy about your life,and embrace new days. Certainly I will change myself!
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• China
22 Apr 08
Your friends will watch your road of life too,all right?