anti virus software

March 16, 2008 2:23am CST
I was wondering the value of paying for virus software when there are many free versions that protect your computer just as well. I have AVG and it works great. Does anyone have an opinion on why pay for anti-virus software?
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17 Mar 08
Honestly you'll get mixed opinions here. Myself prefer the free option cuz well for starters, its free. Being an IT technician im always repairing home pc's and generally alot of problems being caused in the home have been from PAID antivirius programs and security suite. You need to have a degree in computing in order to just set these programs up half the time. Not all of them are as easy as they make out, and always end up using more resources than most free ones. Norton has to be the worst in my experience, but even McAfee isnt far behind either. I myself use Zonealarm firewall and Avast Anti-virus. automatic updates and never had any problems with it, doesnt slow my boot time by much, only about 5 seconds where things like norton are known to slow boot time by up to 25seconds. Always managed to get rid of viruses before they have even had a chance to hit my PC. Totally recommend avast to anyone willing to give it a try
• Canada
24 Mar 08
Thanks for responding. I will try avast because it seems to have a great deal of positive feedback aboutit. I agree with you that this is a topic that creates alot of mixed opinions. I appreciate yours.
@ksherrie (891)
• Singapore
16 Mar 08
just my two cents worth... having paid for a good anti-virus software, your pc or laptop will be more protected... I have avg too... but i was still invaded by spyware when i was careless while surfing the net... at the moment, i have dowloaded some other more trusted anti-spyware softwares as well as adware... just to be on the safe side for now... i'm still searching for a cheap anti-virus software that i dont have to pay for annually... after all, im still a poor student... =
• United States
17 Mar 08
One Anti-virus software programis not a "catch-all" to all the threats out there no matter how much you pay. The For-Profit anti-virus software publishers tend to drain a lot of resources on your computer while assuring you that you are covered. Then, if something happens they can say "that was a bad one, those tricky hackers!" The perscription is as follows: 1. Anti-virus Software - AVG or Avast (Free) 2. Spyware Remover - Spybot S&D (Free) safer-( 3. 2nd Spyware Remover - Adaware ( Why two spyware programs? Because one program doesn't catch it all. That does not mean that they aren't good, it's just like medication - there isn't a miracle pill.
@mnsrwt123 (2058)
• India
17 Mar 08
I also use AVG antivirus, its a free antivirus for which i don't need to pay anything. And its updates are easily available and it doesn't load on to my cpu like norton do. It makes my computer secure and faster than any other antivirus... \Keep posting!!!
• United States
16 Mar 08
Theres no reason to pay for those extra bells and whistles unless you have somthing worth protecting like if your a programmer or graphics disigner
• China
16 Mar 08
Usually if you pay for anti-virus software ,you will get more functions & services.