Are foods we eat safe enough?

March 16, 2008 5:44am CST
Off late there has been a great demand for the basic food materials we consume . This demand and supply mis-match is causing a great increase in food prices . Leave the price apart, are these food materials we consume worthy enough? .There is some much pollution going around , we are oblivious off .These hazardous materials which are dumped somewhere will percolate into our food and water systems . Adding to this fire is the fact that we use excessive amounts of insecticides, pesticides and many other form of disinfectants to safe gaurd our produce and increase yield .Where does all these end up? In our food stuff.It is like a slow poison which opens our immune system to greater diseases .So what should be done in this situation which is transcends all boundaries . Should we have a new agriculture policy in place or work to correct to exsisting ones . please have your say . with regards
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