sucessful is very hard

March 17, 2008 12:51am CST
Hello,everyone ,It is well know that everyone wants to sucess .But the really sucessful people is very less!why ,in my opinion,everyone can be sucessful if we study hard ,work hard,think considerable!Lots of times has been waste by us ,and we do not to work everyday,and want to play everyday,sucess will com?No, it can not be !We should learn something from the sucessful people ,we can find the sucess people such as li jiacheng ,they have worked hard in their young time!A county become strong because the country people working hard at all time !For example ,Japanese people ,their county is very stong eventhoug their county is very small.why ?Because they study ,thinking and learn from other country,so sucess come to their county !I hope every friends can give me some advises about how to be sucess !Thanks !I an looking forward to your early reply!and I hope everyone can making friends with me ,see you next time!My email is ''
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