Ok a new theory on string theory and black holes...LOL I am going deep here

United States
March 17, 2008 1:44am CST
Having learned a little bit about the string theory I have learned that part of the thinking on this theory is that there are at least 11 if not more dimensions...at one point in time there were 5 mathmatical equations on srings, why could this not be rue? Perhaps we came up with different mathmatical equations because they each belonged to understanding a different dimension. I think of each dimension as being its own entity. Could this be possible? If it is then we are missing 6 other equations maybe more if we had all of these equations maybe we could connect all of them to find one equation to explain and proove the theory of strings. Also if strings do exist then our universe would be a membrane and a membrane is sretchy. So imagine that the black holes we have found are collecting matter but the matter is not lost like we think it is...instead it is pulled into its strings and once this collection becomes too dense the black hole erupts like a cosmic volcano and this is why our universe is expanding because in our far off future it will become one large black hole that will re-erupt as it has before. Just some of my own theroies that I pose...it is late I am philosophising and should turn off the brain and go to bed...LOL I have never taken a physics class in my life I am a house wife. Simply put I just watch alot of movies about einstien and such and read alot...I am a housewife nerd...LMAO Well what do you all think? Anyone have any toughts to any of this? I mean real thoughts to it?
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