being a comsci student is tough!!

March 17, 2008 2:43am CST
I'm currently taking up computer science and whew! It really is tough. it is really different from my field of "specialization" (lol!). i like to memorize rather than sit and think on how to make programs and stuff. it's pure logic and i suck in it. does anybody feel the same way as i do??
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18 Mar 08
I was suppose to take Comsci as a course, however the university that I enrolled on gave me another course instead which is completely different. I am now taking a business course instead. To answer your question, when I was in high school... computers are really my favorite subject. My classmates would even sometimes get help from me in programming stuffs but if you were to ask me anything about programming now though... I won't know anything about it anymore as I have not been practicing with it anymore after I graduate H.S. It really is hard, and just memorizing won't get you anywhere... you have to understand how it works and why they go together. If you have that passion to learn, then comsci is for you... if not... then I suggest shifting to another course before it's too late. I know lot's of people who shift at a very late time. Delaying their graduation.
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20 Mar 08
your right! comsci is pure logic and when you don't have it then too bad for you. actually i really am planning to shift even if it really is late for me. lol! but i would rather rot my self in a course i really like than comsci. thanx for responding!
@boonos (11)
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15 Apr 08
wooooott... Comsci is a very nice course but im still in 2nd year... becomming 3rd year next month... i really like the course and i have high grades... specially in math wich comsci course has a lot of mathemathics subjects... Well prefer taking up IT but its too late to shift so better continue the course...