huskies : ideal pets or not

March 17, 2008 12:25pm CST
I, myself, had a husky cross Alsatian. I grew up with this dear animal by my side. We originally bought her as a guard dog, because our family owned a milkbar at the time, but she quickly became part of the family. She was very affectionate and very protective. I found her to be the ideal family dog, as she was very good with children. I have only had a positive experience with our husky.
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@littleone3 (2065)
17 Mar 08
I have to agree i think huskies make great pets. We had a husky cross border collie she was the most loving, affectionate dog we have ever had. She was great with the children. And i would definitely get a husky again.
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21 Mar 08
I couldn't agree with you more. There seems to be a natural maternal instinct, no matter the age. While I was in hospital, she apparently used to sniff my clothes (as they hung on the clothes line) and start to whimper. Then, when I came out of hospital, she would almost never leave my side and would lick my face if I fell over. Also, she melded so easily into the family. Definately, very amiable...........
@kaylee29 (17)
• Canada
20 Mar 08
One of my dogs is a Husky cross (possibly with sheppard) and she is the greatest pet. She is super intelligent. Really friendly with kids. Lots of energy and loves to play. She always knows when I need a hug and stands on her rear legs putting her front legs around my waist. She squeezes a little bit's sooo sweet. She has the best personality I've ever seen in a dog.
21 Mar 08
That's so cute !!! I must admit, our dog never hugged me but she definately licked me alot. I think they are beautiful looking dogs with a really friendly and loving demeanor. She also used to get jealous if she saw me patting another dog. Your husky sounds really intelligent and affectionate, though. You're so lucky !! I'd be interested to hear more about your husky.
@aretha (2538)
• United States
20 Mar 08
i think it depends on the person. they can be very hard to train at least ours was. she was very stuburn but she was a very nice dog. she was great with my kids and after we got her trained she was a wonderful house dog.
21 Mar 08
I guess you're right. I may be a bit biassed as I have only had a good experience, with our dogs' transition into the family......