the perfect gift, any suggestion anyone?

March 17, 2008 12:35pm CST
hi. i've this problem. my best friend like my best-est friend in the world. she's graduating and after her graduation, she's leaving to go to another country for good which so depressing for me and i don't know how to handle it when the time comes... so, i'm thinking of a perfect gift to give her before she leave... i want it to be something that she'll keep for a lifetime and that she'll remember me whenever. any suggestion anyone? I really need your help to help me find what gift to give her... thanks. I appreciate it.
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@mansha (6298)
• India
17 Mar 08
I think make an album or scrapbook of photos and things and moments you have shared with her and like a scrap book write down nicest of thoughts and events you shared with her. That would be a lovely scrapbook she will carry with her all through her life.
• Philippines
17 Mar 08
that would be lovely. thanks!
• United States
4 Jun 08
One Christmas my mom gave her mother and each of her four sisters a little decorative candle. Each had an identical one. She explained that whenever they felt lonely or needed to feel connected to each other, they could just light their candles and think of one another. I thought it was a great idea so I wanted to pass it onto you. I like the idea of giving your friend something that you will have too so that the item represents the person when they can not be with you.
@yoursash (10)
• United States
23 Mar 08
a friendship bracelet sounds like a great idea. I Would also recommend planning a small trip (even if it's just for a weekend) and going on it together! I'm sure this would be a fun bonding experience.
4 Apr 08
ive suggest you shoul give her/him a scraphoto album of both of you..for him/her to remember you wherever he/she is..
@roanne05 (1290)
• Oman
1 Jun 08
i think make it extra specially by making personlised..draw a picture of both of you or something that is hand made by you...but it still depends on what the person likes...if you think she appreciate this more...then go...